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Job Opening

Below is a job opening for a radiological health professional.  In   
Minnesota, the Division of Emergency Management has responsibility for   
coordination of radiological emergency planning and response.  In   
addition, we are responsible for offsite accident assessment and   
development of Protective Action Recommendations for nuclear power plant   

If you have any questions, please call me.

Kris Eide
(612)  297-2970


$15.10-22.00/hr; $31,529-45,936/yr

Applications will be accepted through Friday, May 15, 1998.

Current Vacancy:  Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Division of   
Emergency Management, St. Paul, MN.

All positions are located in St. Paul and require travel throughout the   
state.  Applications will be accepted only from candidates that indicate   
they are available for employment in St. Paul and are able to travel.   
 Indicate Job Location Code #051 and Employment Conditions - Travel on   
page 3 of the "State of Minnesota Application for Employment".

Perform planning and response functions for the radiological health /   
radiological response programs with the Minnesota Department of Public   
Safety, Emergency Management Division.  Provide technical assistance to   
response teams and to state and local units of government on radiological   
health / radiological response issues.

Selection Process:  Experience and Training Rating (100% final score)   
with points awarded as follows:

Professional experience in a radiological health or radiological response   
program including at least 2 of the following areas:  a) planning and   
response activities for state and local governments; b) interpreting and   
communicating federal requirements; OR c) writing emergency response   
plans and procedures.  (1st year = 35 points; 2nd year = 25 points; 3rd   
year = 15 points;
4th year = 5 points)
NOTE:  Maximum Experience Points = 80 points

* Master's Degree in Public Health, Environmental Health, or in the   
Physical Sciences  (e.g. Chemistry, Biology, etc.) = 10 points
* Bachelor's Degree in Public Health, Environmental Health, or in the   
Physical Sciences  (e.g. Chemistry, Biology, etc.) = 5 points
NOTE:  Maximum Education Points = 10 points

* Professional experience working in FEMA's Radiological Emergency   
Preparedness  Program OR Experience working with Radiological Assessment   
System for  Consequence Analysis (RASCAL) Software = 10 points
NOTE:  Maximum Bonus Points = 10 points

Submit a "State of Minnesota Application for Employment" to:  Shelley   
Allen, Human Resources; Department of Public Safety; 444 Cedar Street,   
Suite 135; St. Paul, MN  55101-5135 or fax to (612)296-5173.