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RE: Accuracy of GPS with respect to surveys

The GPS can be operated in differential mode which allows for accuracy down
to a few centimeters.  Differential mode requires the use of a second
receiver which provides a correction to the satellite signals.  The second
signal is broadcast from a land based transmitter whose location is
accurately known.

Check with some of the local surveyors.  This differential GPS technology is
apparently in wide spread use.

Jim Key

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> Bruce,
>     The actual number for position accuracy available to civilian
> population
> is 15 meters. The 100 meter value is based on US DOD imposed Selective
> Availability Program. Using an 8 channel serial receiver usually results
> in
> a position error of 90 to 140 feet, (personal experience). This appears to
> depend on the number of SATs locked onto. I suspect use of a 12 channel
> parallel receiver would produce better accuracy. Use of the signal from a
> digital GPS receiver and a GPS unit is said to be 5 to 10 meters.
> George Andrews
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