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RE: Environmental TLDs

Since our dosimetry group is the one that builds the laminated
environmental dosimeter, I will respond to Karin's question about heat used
in the lamination process versus TLDs.  Karin is right that TLDs are
"sensitive" to heat; it causes them to give off the light that you want to
measure to determine the amount of radiation to which they have been
exposed.  However, there are at least two reasons why it does not cause
problems in the subject situation. The heat required to laminate the
plastic is relatively low compared to the heat required (300 degress C) to
process or anneal a TLD.  And second, the TLDs are in an annealled state
when they are laminated, having received no dose yet, so there is no dose
to loose.

Good question, but not a problem.

Paul E. Ruhter, Supervisor
Radiological Health Services
Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies Company
Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory

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