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Re: Re[2]: Open health physics position at NYSDEC -Reply-Reply


Of course you are correct about the NRC retrenchment on HP training.  The NRC,
like many other organizations, is having budget problems and many activities are
being cut.

I apologize for the ambiguity in saying "we" are trying...  I did not mean the NRC
(or that I had a frog in my pocket); I intended to refer to our health physics
program at Georgetown and the programs at other universities as well as to the
Health Physics Society.  None of these entities has money to send people to
training courses.  However, for a prospective HP who wants to learn, the
Baltimore-Washington Chapter's Certification Prep. course offers a relatively
inexpensive framework and source of information.  One need not be close to
certification to take the course; most of our students (both correspondent and
resident) do not take the examinations but, if  they make the effort, they learn a lot
of health physics.  

Charlie Willis
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