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Nuclear Engineering Position Description

Position  involves   safety analysis, the development of new methodologies,
and  providing direction and supervision of other engineers. Analysis areas
include  radiation shielding, risk assessment, consequence evaluations, and
evaluation of radiation detection and monitoring systems. Additional duties
include  the  verification  and  validation  of complex computer codes, the
development  and  maintenance of computer codes as required, preparation of
design  analysis  and  technical  reports, providing input to drawings, and
development  of  specifications for radiation safety related components and
systems.  All safety related activities are to be performed within an NQA-1
quality  assurance  environment  as  required  and  in  accordance with the
repository  Quality  Assurance  program.   Additional  duties  include  the
preparation  and  presentation  of briefings describing analysis activities
and  safety  or  design related concepts.  Nuclear Engineering degree at an
accredited  school required plus several years of applied experience.  Must
have good communication skills and be willing to relocate to Las Vegas, NV

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