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Question on Public Limits

10 CFR 20.1301 states that the TEDE to members of the public must not exceed
100 millirem in a year.  If a member of the public can come in contact with
radioactive material that delivers a dose of 20 millirem a week to the skin
(shallow dose at 7 mg/cm^2) can I apply the weighting factors (listed in
20.1003 as remainder in this case) to the dose to find the TEDE ,

OR should I adhere to a dose that is 1/50 of the occupational limits (1000
mrem is 1/50 of the skin limit of 50 rem)

OR does the 100 mrem limit apply regardless (seems it shouldn't since it is

OR am I totally missing something?

Thank you for your help
Tom Johnson

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