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Another Passing to Report

I wanted to let all of you know, expecially those in the DOE or NRC
worlds, that Victor Stello Jr., until very recently the Principle Deputy
Assistant Secretary for Safety and Quality in Defense Programs, DOE,
passed away this morning (January 22) from cancer.

I am sure that many of you have either heard of or dealt with Mr. Stello
over the years, as he was deeply involved in many radiation protection
and nuclear safety issues throughout the US.  Although he was at times
controversial, he was always a strong proponent of safety in nuclear
operations.  I am sure that he will greatly be missed.

I have no other details at this time, nor a full description of his
contributions to the nuclear industry.  If there is interest, I will be
happy to send along further information as it becomes available.

Doug Minnema, CHP
Defense Programs, DOE

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