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Re: Greenpeace Urges Chernobyl Changes

>Leading Western nations have pledged to help cover the $1 billion 
>cost of finishing the nuclear reactors in line with international safety 
>But Muenchmeyer said the gas plant would be cheaper?????? and less 
>dangerous to the environment.

Ukraine does not have any natural gas resources and they already owned a big 
chunk of money to Russia and Turkmenistan for gas.
On the other hand, Ukraine has uranium.

I could not stop my self, from making remark about German's Green Peace view 
cheaper gas powered plant's  electricity

Germany have had a really good deal on natural gas with the former SU. 
Famous "Gas on Pipes" exchange.  It is my understanding,  in the present 
time, those old contracts are maintaining by Russia.

So Ukraine are paying more than Germany for the same Russian gas.

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