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RE: D&D of Buildings using Volumetric Criteria

I'm guessing that this information is a week late, but your contact within
the DOE would be Andy Wallo.  This method has been utilized on FUSRAP sites
for close to 4 years now.  DOE Order 5400.5 is the basis document used, but
an implementation document sent out ca. January 1995 gives guidance how the
DOE wants contractors to conduct the assessments and submission of documents
within Operations (or Field) offices and HQ for review and ultimate
approval.  Though it has been utilized at FUSRAP sites and several other DOE
locations, I don't believe that it is consistently being used throughout the
complex.  I've been away from the issue for close to 2 years now, but would
be very interested in what has been happening in the meantime.  Something
that I'm not sure has been thoroughly addressed is taking materials that
possess surface contamination, rublize the material (and effectively mixing
the contaminated portion with the uncontaminated portion), then sample the
soil-like material and use RESRAD to calculate a DOE and local stakeholder
acceptable release concentration.

Don't get me wrong, but it was my understanding that the EPA still has a
problem with "diluting" waste materials.  With the amount of low (very low)
level radioactive waste that is currently present on and off DOE sites, some
acceptable method has to be utilized to release these sites with minimal or
no radiological restrictions.  I'd be interested in hearing what others are
currently doing and whether the EPA has formally accepted this.

These are only my opinions.

Kenny Fleming CHP CSP
(423) 481-4702

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Subject: D&D of Buildings using Volumetric Criteria

Dear Radsafers,

The traditional method of decommisioning a building is to use surface 
contamination limits (e.g., NUREG 1.86 limits or dose based derived values 
using dose modeling codes such as RESBUILD or DandD) before the building is 
demolished or released.  An emerging option being investigated in the 
industry is the use of volumetric release criteria (e.g. pCi/g) for the
release" or on-site disposal of concrete rubble and/or building debris 
following demolition of the building/structure.  

I am gathering information about the use of this emerging method.  Are there

any DOE or DOD facilities or NRC licensees that have used this or a similar 
method for a decommisioning project?  Does anyone know of a good person to 
talk to, particularly at a DOE facility, who may have some insight?  I am 
specifically looking for contacts so that I can perform a brief telephone 
survey to gather information.  Replies can be sent to the email address 
listed below.

Thanks everyone,


Jim Blute
Health Physicist
Duke Engineering and Services
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The RADSAFE Frequently Asked Questions list, archives and subscription
information can be accessed at http://www.ehs.uiuc.edu/~rad/radsafe.html