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Shielding Tanks

Hi folks,
I'm looking for vendors of radiological shielding tanks (usually
interlocking, various sizes, you place and fill with water to provide
shielding, then drain and remove them when the job is complete).  I've
contacted the companies below (culled from Bruce Busby's
('Commercial'/'Supplies') vendors list, THANKS Bruce), but if anyone has a
line on a vendor that isn't mentioned below, I'd appreciate the info.

Reef Industries, Inc. of Houston, TX 

Radiological Equipment Surplus of Willoughby, OH 

Radiation Safety Associates, Inc. of Hebron, CT

Radiation Safety & Control Services, Inc of Stratham, NH 

Mohawk Industrial & Nuclear Supply of Manchester, CT 

GTS Duratek of Oak Ridge, TN 

G/O Corporation of Slidell, Louisiana

Discount Shielding Products Co. of Pepperell, MA 

D.A. Services of Windsor, CT 

Contemporary Science, Inc. of Marion, Iowa 

Coastal Network, Inc. of Charlottesville, Va 

Atlantic Nuclear Corp. (no location given)

Thanks, ron

   Ron Morgan
   Radiation Protection Services (ESH-12)
   Los Alamos National Laboratory, MS K-483
   Los Alamos, New Mexico, 87544 (USA)
   Phone (505) 665-7843
   FAX   (505) 667-9726
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