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Test, Research, and Training Reactors (TRTR) annual meeting

The following is an excerpt of the meeting announcement.  For more info see
the address at the end.
	TRTR '99
	September 14-17, 1999
	Gaithersburg, MD

	Sponsored by:
	U.S. Department of Commerce
	Technology Administration
	National Institute of Standards and Technology
The National Organization of Test, Research, and Training Reactors (TRTR)
represents research reactor facilities across the nation from government,
major universities, national laboratories, and industry.  TRTR's primary
mission is education, fundamental and applied research, application of
technology in areas of national concern, and improving U.S. technological
competitive-ness around the world.  TRTR membership includes managers and
directors of research reactors, educators, administrators, regulators, and
research scientists and engineers.

Begun as a small technical group in the sixties, TRTR quickly grew into a
national organization and adopted its current name in 1976.  The
organization regularly holds an annual conference, hosted by a member
institution, to discuss current technical and regulatory issues, advances
in research and education, operating experience, and development of new
applications in medicine, materials, health and safety, information
technology, and environ-mental sciences, among others.  TRTR provides
expert technical assistance to member institutions and others through peer
reviews, audits, and assessments.  It also publishes a quarterly
newsletter, which provides the latest information in all areas of interest
to the membership.  The newsletter is widely distributed within and outside
TRTR, in the U.S. and abroad.

This year the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) again
chairs the National Organization of Test, Research, and Training Reactors
(TRTR) and will hold the annual conference on September 14-17, 1999 in
Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) is one of the foremost neutron
measurement and research laboratories in the world, serving more than 1500
partici-pants from over 200 organizations worldwide.  Its broad range of
instrumentation, which includes the only cold neutron guide hall in the
U.S., supports a diverse research community in the areas of physics,
chemistry, materials science, biology, engineering and environmental
sciences.  In these and other measurement areas, NIST has led the way in
the development of new neutron measurements and application.

Conference participants will benefit from:

o the NIST Center for Neutron Research - there will be a special tour of
the research facilities on Friday;
o the Nuclear Regulatory Commission - a number of leaders will address the
conference on NRC day;
o the U.S. Department of Energy - Secretary Richardson has been invited to
speak on DOE day; and
o the Congress - a Congressional leader has been invited to speak at a
banquet to be held on Capitol Hill.
Registration Information
Steve Miller
1903 Bishop Castle Drive
Olney, MD 30832
Phone:(301) 295-1290
Fax:(301) 570-2119
Email: trtr@simelectronics.com

General Information
Lori Phillips Buckland
Public and Business Affairs Division
National Institute of Standards & Technology
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 3461
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-3461
Phone:(301) 975-3881
Fax:(301) 948-2067
Email: lori.phillips@nist.gov

Disclaimer:  the above are the personal musings of the author, and do not
represent any past, present, or future position of NIST, the U.S. government,
or anyone else who might think that they are in a position of authority. 
Lester Slaback, Jr.  [Lester.Slaback@NIST.GOV] 
NBSR Health Physics 
Center for Neutron Research 
100 Bureau Dr.  STOP 3543 
Gaithersburg, MD  20899-3543 
301 975-5810 voice
301 921-9847 fax
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