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RE: Tooth Fairy Project Presenting Findings at Ottawa

Thank you for your comments, Franz.  (insightful as always).  I am
afraid that the people in STAR may not be so particular about facts and
reality as you are.

The point I was trying to make was that the publicists for STAR were
oversimplifying the possible sources of Sr-90 in the environment and
limiting them to just atmospheric testing by the US and USSR and local
nuclear facilities.  I agree with you that since the suspension of
atmospheric testing by the US and USSR in 1963, their effect on current
Sr-90 in the environment is not plausible.

At the same time that these orgainizations decry the environmental
damage caused by more recent atmospheric testing and Chernobyl, they
remain silent as to the possible contributions from these other events
as it might affect their attacks on the local nuclear facilities.
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>What I dislike about your comment - please correct me, if I am wrong -
>that by trying to blame Sr-90 contamination to other "nuclear powers"
>share, you indirectly leave open that the actual environmental
>contamination by Sr-90 could be a cause of health problems. I
>refuse such speculations. 
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