[ RadSafe ] DOE warns CH2M Hill about exposure

Rick Orthen rorthen at cecinc.com
Thu Jul 21 07:28:56 CDT 2005

Sandy--By being so fixated on the LNT "argument", you completely missed the
issues floating in Susan's article.  As others have already chimed in on,
there were SOP deficiencies/departures which can never be tolerated.  The
other critical issue was that the 274 mrem exposure apparently was not fully
accounted for under an a priori ALARA process.  These two items should
always be of concern to the workforce, and actively sought out by

It is unusual that as a vendor principal deriving revenue from the
LNT-regulated community, you have decided to "continue to recommend to
students graduating to stay as far away from this industry as they can."
How productive can that possibly be?

Rick Orthen
CEC Inc.

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