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Maury Siskel maurysis at ev1.net
Wed Jul 27 13:55:51 CDT 2005

You are certainly correct that this survey does not meet scientific 
criteria, but more like the media questions that provide people with an 
outlet to express feelings.  Being relatively easy to do, however, it 
will be interesting to see how many Radsafe folks fool with it and how 
they are disposed. I assume that all participants are well aware of the 
anecdotal nature of the whole idea. Who knows, the ionized activists 
might later reference the the Great 2005 Radiation Safety List LNT 
Survey!         <g>
Maury&Dog        maurysis at ev1.net

Bernard Cohen wrote:

>    ---Any survey in which participants are self selected is not a 
> valid scientific study. I hope it is obvious to all that any 
> meaningful scientific survey requires a random selection of 
> participants. That is why professional surveys are somewhat expensive. 
> One of our local radio stations conducts a survey on a different 
> question every day in which anyone can call in and vote, but they 
> always state " this is not a scientific survey but it is only intended 
> to give listeners an opportunity to express their opinions".

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