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Why did you send this to me?  Are you claiming that
radiation can be used against allergies from pollen
and ragweed?  That certain is a new claim?  Do you
have any proof of this?

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> Allergy Treatmant Uses Hormesis.
> All physicians who use desensitization for allergy,
> use hormesis.
> We inject miniscule, increasing doses twice weekly
> of the same antigens (like pollen)
> which cause inflammation on application to skin
> scratch.
> Asthma and hayfever when found to be from a specific
> antigen (like walnut pollen in my case)
> are markedly relieved by this treatment, standard
> for half a century.
> With LNT, one would expect slight worsening of
> symptoms like wheeze or watery eyes,
> when low dose of the toxin is applied.
> Hormesis, not LNT, is the usual biologic response to
> toxins like radiation and pollen.
> Beir 7 procamation of LNT is like, "Flat earth!" 
> Treat its advocates accordingly.
> Howard Long
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> st1\:* {	BEHAVIOR: url(#default#ieooui)}Thanks, Jim.
> This is another encouraging paper and puts our work
> into broader perspectives.  All the best, Ludwig
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> Subject: Hormesis mechanisms in vivo
> Friends,
> This further indicates a consistent response between
> chemical and radiation exposures, further
> establishing ‘hormesis’ as a fundamental principle
> in biology.
> I do not have access to this journal.
> Regards, Jim Muckerheide
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> Cancer Lett. 2005 Oct 21; [Epub ahead of print]
> Alpha-benzene hexachloride exerts hormesis in
> preneoplastic lesion formation of rat
> hepatocarcinogenesis with the possible role for
> hepatic detoxifying enzymes.
> Puatanachokchai R, Morimura K, Wanibuchi H, Oka M,
> Kinoshita A, Mitsuru F, Yamaguchi S, Funae Y,
> Fukushima S
> Department of Pathology, Osaka City University
> Medical School, Abeno-ku, Asahi-machi 1-4-3, Osaka
> 545-8585, Japan.
> Recently there has been a shift in the prevailing
> paradigm regarding the dose dependence of carcinogen
> action with increasing acceptance of hormesis
> phenomenon, although underlying mechanisms remain to
> be established. To ascertain whether alpha-benzene
> hexachloride (alpha-BHC) might act by hormesis, rats
> were initiated with diethylnitrosamine and then
> alpha-BHC ranging from 0.01 to 500 ppm was
> administered in the diet for 10 weeks. The highest
> concentration of alpha-BHC significantly increased
> the number and area of glutathione S-transferase
> placental form (GST-P) positive foci, preneoplastic
> lesions in the liver, but its low! dose, 0.05ppm,
> caused significant reduction, showing a J-shape
> dose-response curve. The proliferating cell nuclear
> antigen positive index for GST-P positive foci in
> the low dose-treated group was significantly
> reduced. The dose response curves of CYP450 content,
> NADPH-P450 reductase activity and
> 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine formation revealed the same
> pattern as
>  GST-P positive foci data. The response curves of
> CYP2B1 and 3A2 in their activities, protein and mRNA
> expression showed a threshold but CYP2C11 activity
> exhibited an inverted J-shape. These results might
> suggest the possibility of hormesis of alpha-BHC at
> early stages of rat hepatocarcinogenesis. The
> possible mechanism involves induction of detoxifying
> enzymes at low dose, influencing free radical
> production and oxidative stress, and consequently
> pathological change in the liver.

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