[ RadSafe ] Sweden Approves Power Uprates For Ringhals Nuclear Power Station

Lars Persson lars.ingeman at telia.com
Fri Nov 4 09:24:42 CST 2005

The Swedish government has on 20 October 2005 approved power uprates for
units one and three
of the Ringhals nuclear power plant, as well as the relicensing of unit

In a statement on 20th October 2005, the government said Ringhals plans to
uprate the two units by a combined total of 200 megawatts (MW). Ringhals-1
is an 830 MW boiling water reactor that began commercial operation in 1976.
Ringhals-3, a 915 MW pressurised water reactor, began commercial operation
in 1981.

Ringhals was the first of the Swedish nuclear licensees to apply for
increased power in its reactors. The Swedish government is also due to make
a decision on uprate applications from Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB, for all
three reactors Forsmark nuclear power plant, and OKG AB, for unit three of
the Oskarshamn plant.

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