[ RadSafe ] Contined Need for Nuclear Deterrent -"what are we saving them for?"

howard long hflong at pacbell.net
Sat Nov 5 12:31:03 CST 2005

Is N. Korea less likely to invade S Korea or launch nuclear missile on USA
while the USS Washington (which I toured) and other nuclear deterrents are ready?
Is Russia less likely to use its nuclear capacity (like ours, still capable of wiping out
most of the large cities on earth), while we also have nuclear deterrent? 

Is Al Queda less likely to atomize Washington DC with a bomb from the Mullahs, knowing Mecca could feel the nuclear deterrent?
I am grateful for the alert but restrained scientists, leaders and military (USA and Russian)
who have brought the longest peace to Europe in my history books. 
I am grateful for a Bush Policy that has so far restrained the bullies - Kaddafi, Saddam, Zarkawi, Komenehei, etc, some of whom have declared intention of atom bombing the USA. 
I am disgusted with media that will not report the Bush Policy saving the 100 Iraqi Saddam murdered daily and protecting us from Saddam's recessed nuclear bomb team (Duelfer Commission).  
Howard Long

John Jacobus <crispy_bird at yahoo.com> wrote:
I think that we have to look at the associated
politics. While there had been talk of using nuclear
weapons in the Korean War and in Viet Nam, they were
not. So, what are saving them for?

--- maurysis at ev1.net wrote:
> Hi John,
> The Hirsch comment is an interesting rationale that
does not seem very 
> rational .... It has been noted that the only way to
make sure that 
> government doesn't abuse its power is to not grant
it in the first 
> place. The nuclear genie has long since departed. A
nation without 
> nuclear weapons can render citizens or a society
equally dead by a wide 
> variety of methods.
> Cheers,
> Maury&Dog
> =================
> John Jacobus wrote:
> >Nature 438, 13 (3 November 2005) 
> >Physicists denounce aggressive nuclear policy
> >
> >More than 700 physicists from around the world have
signed a petition opposing a US policy that would
> >permit the use of nuclear weapons against
non-nuclear nations.
> >
> >Spawned during a lunchtime talk at the University
> >California, San Diego (UCSD), the petition is being
> >submitted to US government leaders. Eight Nobel
> >laureates have signed the petition, which was
> >by UCSD physicists Kim Griest and Jorge Hirsch.
> >
> >The administration of President George W. Bush has
> >said that, if provoked, it would consider using
> >nuclear bombs on a country without such weapons.
> >
> >"Physicists were responsible for these weapons,"
> >Hirsch, a native of Argentina. "We need to speak
> >more." The petitioners hope to win the support of
> >American Physical Society and the International
> >Energy Agency at board meetings later this month.
> >
> > http://physics.ucsd.edu/petition
> >
> >+++++++++++++++++++

> >

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