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Saddam's trial soon will publicize the far more frequent deaths before March '03 than since.
1, Saddam was gassing and otherwise executing Iraqi, Iranians, Kuwaiti, etc, and starving Marsh Arabs and  children, using oil money from UN conspirators for palaces.
2. More pertinent to Radsafe, the Duelfer (sp?) and other  commissions found his 
nuclear bomb team ready to continue. It was once within 2 years.Saddam's brother in law, not the UN, revealed it, giving urgency to "British Intelligence has learned - ", (later confirmed).
3. Baathist (Nazi) murderers and "Al Queda in Iraq" (Zarkawi) state their intent to 
atom bomb the USA. They now bomb in Iraq instead of here.
Iraq draws those who would bomb us here -as you can find easily for yourself.
4. The 200,000 Iraqi increasingly protecting their growing  economy (look at the traffic jams on TV) save Americans here.
 Iraqi Freedom saves 10 x as many lives as it costs (especially, ours)
Howard Long

On 5 Nov 2005 at 10:31, howard long wrote:

> I am disgusted with media that will not report the Bush Policy saving
> the 100 Iraqi Saddam murdered daily and protecting us from Saddam's
> recessed nuclear bomb team (Duelfer Commission). 

Replaced by hundreds killed almost daily by insurgents instead, 
including 2,000+ US servicemen, and still increasing.

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