[ RadSafe ] Iraq Shield the USA from

Khalid Aleissa kaleissa at kacst.edu.sa
Mon Nov 7 17:02:26 CST 2005

My comment is not to the text body of the massage but to the subject of it. 
I do not see any relation to this with the objectives of radsafe.

I ask kindly radsafe admin to make another list called radsafe-tec. This new 
list has to be really for technical issues related to radiation safety 
(possible, add to that health physics and radiobiology).

Let's make a vote for this proposal!


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> Saddam's trial soon will publicize the far more frequent deaths before 
> March '03 than since.
> 1, Saddam was gassing and otherwise executing Iraqi, Iranians, Kuwaiti, 
> etc, and starving Marsh Arabs and  children, using oil money from UN 
> conspirators for palaces.
> 2. More pertinent to Radsafe, the Duelfer (sp?) and other  commissions 
> found his
> nuclear bomb team ready to continue. It was once within 2 years.Saddam's 
> brother in law, not the UN, revealed it, giving urgency to "British 
> Intelligence has learned - ", (later confirmed).
> 3. Baathist (Nazi) murderers and "Al Queda in Iraq" (Zarkawi) state their 
> intent to
> atom bomb the USA. They now bomb in Iraq instead of here.
> Iraq draws those who would bomb us here -as you can find easily for 
> yourself.
> 4. The 200,000 Iraqi increasingly protecting their growing  economy (look 
> at the traffic jams on TV) save Americans here.
> Iraqi Freedom saves 10 x as many lives as it costs (especially, ours)
> Howard Long
> On 5 Nov 2005 at 10:31, howard long wrote:
>> I am disgusted with media that will not report the Bush Policy saving
>> the 100 Iraqi Saddam murdered daily and protecting us from Saddam's
>> recessed nuclear bomb team (Duelfer Commission).
> Replaced by hundreds killed almost daily by insurgents instead,
> including 2,000+ US servicemen, and still increasing.
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