[ RadSafe ] Radiation Safety in the Middle East

howard long hflong at pacbell.net
Thu Nov 10 11:52:21 CST 2005

My in-laws in Teheran obviously oppose nuclear exchange (increasingly likely with Mullahs 
enriching U for bombs and Israel potentially hitting the nuclear panic button).
President Bush and Sec of State Rice change (are NOT "going by it"), the support of tyrants,
described by Haleem, below. Support for Palestine by the USA is much more generous than
given by its neighbors. It will equal support for an Israel that stops expanding (The Two Nation Road Map). The USA and Chalabi promote Iraq oil, like Alaska's, being shared equally by all Iraqi (true capitalistic democracy).

I believe that the greatest force in preserving radiation safety in the middle east (and so here) 
is the Ayatolla Sistani, Iraq's Mahatma Ghandi, who has stopped his followers, the majority,
from a Tutu- like massacre of their oppressors. 
Bush Policy helps both my Palestinian and Israeli friends.
Howard Long. 

"Haleem, Mahmoud S." <HALEEM at cua.edu> wrote:
That is none sense?? Who was supporting Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war?? who was supporting Taliban during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?? It is an agenda and Mr. Bush is going by it. It is all about oil and energy and to protect israel. 

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