[ RadSafe ] Radiation Safety in the Middle East

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 17:26:36 CST 2005

According to my lessons in Latin there is a very well known phrase "Quo usq

2005/11/10, howard long <hflong at pacbell.net>:
> My in-laws in Teheran obviously oppose nuclear exchange (increasingly
> likely with Mullahs
> enriching U for bombs and Israel potentially hitting the nuclear panic
> button).
> President Bush and Sec of State Rice change (are NOT "going by it"), the
> support of tyrants,
> described by Haleem, below. Support for Palestine by the USA is much more
> generous than
> given by its neighbors. It will equal support for an Israel that stops
> expanding (The Two Nation Road Map). The USA and Chalabi promote Iraq oil,
> like Alaska's, being shared equally by all Iraqi (true capitalistic
> democracy).
> I believe that the greatest force in preserving radiation safety in the
> middle east (and so here)
> is the Ayatolla Sistani, Iraq's Mahatma Ghandi, who has stopped his
> followers, the majority,
> from a Tutu- like massacre of their oppressors.
> Bush Policy helps both my Palestinian and Israeli friends.
> Howard Long.
> "Haleem, Mahmoud S." <HALEEM at cua.edu> wrote:
> That is none sense?? Who was supporting Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war??
> who was supporting Taliban during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?? It is
> an agenda and Mr. Bush is going by it. It is all about oil and energy and to
> protect israel.
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