[ RadSafe ] Disposal via Decay in Storage

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As the  decay daughter of Tc-99m is Tc-99 [½t-213,000 yrs] as pointed out by 
Dr.  Johnson, and an isotope of specific interest in 10CFR61.55, care should 
be  given to release of the material as "held for decay".

As Cary pointed out, however, the amount of Tc-99 "produced" by the decay  of 
Tc-99m is generally insignificant for clinical uses of Tc-99m, thus there has 
 been no regulation of the Tc-99 product under medical licenses that store 
Tc-99m  for decay.  The situation might have to be re-evaluated for large  
industrial uses of Tc-99m, but it would have to be a pretty phenomenally large  
use, which hasn't been encountered thus far.
Barbara L. Hamrick, CHP, JD

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