[ RadSafe ] NYT Article on EPA Yucca Mountain Standards

Rick Orthen rorthen at cecinc.com
Thu Oct 13 13:21:14 CDT 2005

My point exactly John!  The very real expectation (well within a few
generations I would believe) is that medical science will decipher a cure
for cancer induction in humans, thus pulling the rug out from under today's
radiation protection regulations.  So why isn't that expectation an
alternative to be considered when evaluating the range of alternatives for
standards setting at Yucca?


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If your question is directed to me, I had to buy
gasoline to get to work to do things that will make
our world better for future generations.  That is what
every past generation has done for the future ones. 
Look what American has given to the world in medicine
and science.

As a matter of fact, medical science is reducing the
cancer death rates.  See NIH News Release is available
online at:

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