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Part of the problem is how to go about talking to the public.  For example, I have been told by many media experts that we should not be "educating" the public, rather we should be "informing" them. "Educating" in this context is perceived as demeaning, as if non-radiation protection people are stupid or ignorant.  Communicating effectively and respectfully is key. Just my two cents worth.
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"So what have you done to educate these people?", you asked, John.
I took my palmRAD (Berkeley Nucleonics) to a meeting of CARE at LLNL
Visitor Center, sat in the front row near the 7 person panel of anti-nucs and 
conspicuously listened to its clicking while they gave speeches
accusing LLNL of making the environment radioactive.
Those chief activists conspicously pretended not to notice that refutation 
of their statements, but some of the 100 present did. 
A few of the quiet LLNL personnel present did snicker. 
I wear my NukAlert continously and show it at every opportunity, writing the 
www.nukAlert.com address on my card for fire chiefs and other first responders,
with the reminder that many are available without charge for them.

What are YOU doing to educate the Anti-Nucs, John?
Howard Long

John Jacobus <crispy_bird at yahoo.com> wrote:
Carrying a Geiger counters and Nukalerts is sending
the wrong message. It has to do with education, not
gadgets. I do not know of a single HP who carries a
meter around with them.

I would not waste my time doing it your way. How
successful have you been with yours? 

I think it is about time we moved beyond nuclear
weapons. Our deficit is big enough. 

--- howard long wrote:

> John, you can help.
> I, and all HPs, should carry Geiger counters and
> Nukalerts to show radiophobes 
> and first responders especially (and at every
> opportunity),
> 1, Our environment is naturally radioactive,
> 2, As with sunshine, most people would be healthier
> with more radiation.
> Reagan, like Bush, was called a warmonger for
> straight talk and action,
> necessary to stop aggressors. My friends at LLNL
> rightly believe their research
> and production of deterrent H bombs probably saved
> millions of American and European
> and USSR lives. Reagan's legacy lives. We are it.
> Howard Long
> John Jacobus wrote:
> Howard,
> So what have you done to educate these people? If I
> can be of help, let me know.
> And what does Ronald Reagan have to do with the
> subject we are discussing? He is dead, you know.

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