[ RadSafe ] Contamination Monitoring of Sheep

JGinniver at aol.com JGinniver at aol.com
Tue Apr 4 14:01:10 CDT 2006

from a quick trawl of the internet, the only useful reference I came across  
was in a paper from the 7th SRP International Symposium in Cardiff in  2005.  
In it it states:
SNIP>Initially it was
necessary to slaughter animals for testing and  analysis, but the Ministry 
and DFR
scientists developed a system of  live-monitoring using a portable gamma-ray 
that could be taken to  farms. Comparisons were made between live animals and
samples from slaughter  houses to ensure a known relationship [5].<SNIP
The reference given was
[5] Meredith R.C.K, Mondon K.J, Sherlock J.C. A rapid method for the  in-vivo 
of caesium activity in sheep. J Environ Radioact (7) 209  -214. 1988.
Depending on the circumstances behind your request, it would probably be  
worthwhile contacting CEFAS in Lowestoft who did much of the monitoring of sheep  
in the UK following the Chernobyl accident.  It's probably also worthwhile  
contacting the HPA (NRPB at Chilton)

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