[ RadSafe ] Sterigenics radiation accident

Rainer.Facius at dlr.de Rainer.Facius at dlr.de
Wed Apr 12 08:59:06 CDT 2006

Tidings from the Sterigenics radiation accident: 

(1) The safety system controlling the hydraulic drive of the Co-60 source and the access to the irradiation room was supervised by software ("un automate programmable").
http://www.irsn.org/vf/docs/fleurus.pdf (20060407)

(2) Recently the computer system was modified to allow for faster deployment of the source in order to boost productivity. At this higher pace, malfunctions necessitating the interventions of technicians became more frequent.
http://www.dhnet.be/dhinfos/article.phtml?id=147776 <http://www.dhnet.be/dhinfos/article.phtml?id=147776>  (20060412)

(3) The victim, Richard Sommavilla, repudiates having any row with his employer regarding Sterigenics' safety system.
http://www.dhnet.be/dhinfos/article.phtml?id=147772 <http://www.dhnet.be/dhinfos/article.phtml?id=147772>  (20060412)

This contrasts previous announcements claiming that he prepares (with his fellow workers) a document highlighting weak points of the safety system.
http://www.dhnet.be/dhinfos/article.phtml?id=147623 <http://www.dhnet.be/dhinfos/article.phtml?id=147623>  (20060410)
http://www.kanaalz.be/fr/Belga/BelgaNieuws.asp?ArticleID=54427&SectionID=10 20060411


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