[ RadSafe ] Revised GAO reports on border smuggling incidents

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Sat Apr 15 19:50:57 CDT 2006

Oh, and I have to ask, just where's the "Accountability" in the Government  
Accountability Office with this situation?
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Well,  well, well, this is interesting.  I'm glad to see that NIST was   able 
to wash their hands of that, but I am very disappointed to find out  that  
is conveniently not subject to  FOIA:


And, although they do  offer some disclosure, the following information is  
exempt from that  policy:

"GAO's responsibilities to the Congress precludes the release  of records  
supporting work performed in response to a congressional  request unless  
authorization to release is obtained from the  congressional requester. See 
_4 CFR 81.6 
(a)._  (http://www.gao.gov/about/publicrecords/cfrfiles/81_6.txt) "

So, it  appears they can rely on whatever "outside expert" they choose,   
without having to actually disclose who it is, or what their  expert's  
may or may not be.

Anyone up for trying  to get Senator Coleman's permission to disclose?

Barbara L.  Hamrick

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