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Jose Julio Rozental joseroze at netvision.net.il
Wed Apr 19 09:44:16 CDT 2006


Your explanation  was only part of the entire message. The message was very
offensive to me, leaving in Israel,
and in this list only to help colleagues with valuable information based on
International Recomendations.
The message was completaly out of the scope of the RadSafe Rules (both
general as technical)

The list is open to all points of view on radiation protection issues.
Do not use the list for any illegal or unethical purpose

Before posting a message to the list be sure to have read and understood the
RadSafe rules.


Jose Julio Rozental
joseroze at netvision.net.il

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> On 19 Apr 2006 at 9:06, Haleem, Mahmoud S. wrote:
> > Relax Mr. Stabin; it was meant for other list serve, anyway, I may
> > connect the doted lines so you can see the connection.
> That obviously was not the point. One can't simply criticize an
> individual for taking an action, in the most strongly worded
> condemnation, and then turn around and perform the same task. That
> was the point. If the post wasn't intended for Radsafe, then it
> shouldn't have been included. A simple apology would have been
> sufficient, without further going on attempting to justify why the
> post was posted in the first place.
> Oh, so simple when you think about it.
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