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Sandy Perle sandyfl at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 19 09:55:53 CDT 2006

On 19 Apr 2006 at 17:44, Jose Julio Rozental wrote:

> Sandy,
> Your explanation  was only part of the entire message. The message was very
> offensive to me, leaving in Israel,
> and in this list only to help colleagues with valuable information based on
> International Recomendations.
> The message was completaly out of the scope of the RadSafe Rules (both
> general as technical)
> http://radlab.nl/radsafe/radsaferules.html
> The list is open to all points of view on radiation protection issues.
> Do not use the list for any illegal or unethical purpose
> Before posting a message to the list be sure to have read and understood the
> RadSafe rules.
> Jose

Dear Jose,

I agree with your comments. I should have referred to the Rules of 
Etiquette in my response to Mr. Haleem. However, I simply focused on 
the issue of political dialogue as pointed out by Mike Stabin (former 
list moderator) and not on the politically incorrect as well as 
nationalistically offensive point of view displayed in Mr. Haleem's 
post where he attacked the entire western world, particularly Israel 
and the USA. Apparently Mr. Haleem benefits from the home that feeds 
him, while attacking those who have openly accepted him into their 
ranks.His membership on lists (where the politically and 
nationalistically) motivation rules the day, fomenting further 
hatred, is obvious in his post. 

There are other hate lists too often available. Those who live to 
hate should simply go to those sites and post away.

I believe the significant majority of Radsafe members feel this way 
as well.

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