[ RadSafe ] Action From Moderator to Preserve Integrity of Radsafe

Maury Siskel maurysis at ev1.net
Wed Apr 19 14:54:19 CDT 2006

And hopefully everyone can recall that we have the best individual, 
totally personal filter known to computers:  the Delete key ... Thank 
you, Marcel, for keeping this List alive ...  let alone having to filter it.
Maury&Dog       (maurysis at ev1.net)
Marcel Schouwenburg wrote:

> Dear RadSafers,
> Action has been taken and is being taken on a continous base although 
> this is not allways visible. Most of these actions aren't.
> Remember RadSafe is a post-moderated list and I would like to keep it 
> this way. However, the consequence of this type of

--------  snipped  ------------

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