[ RadSafe ] Re: How Much Did You Pay The Fraud Rokke to Speak to You?

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Fri Apr 28 02:03:53 CDT 2006

In tracking another of the anti-DU crusaders, Asaf Durakovic, I found the following reference which supercedes the reference that Rokke goes around the world hitting the DoD over the head with .. he is not even current, but he is the "expert"


This provides very detailed procedures for medically treating and following up soldiers exposed to DU.

OTSG/MEDCOM Policy Memo 05-003
0 4 MAR 2005
Expires 4 March 2007
MEMORANDUM FOR Commanders, MEDCOM Major Subordinate Commands
SUBJECT: Medical Management of Army Personnel Exposed to Depleted Uranium (DU)
1. References. See Annex 1 to the enclosure.
2. Purpose. To clarify established policy, expand responsibilities and procedures, and provide additional guidance for the medical management of Army personnel exposed to DU (enclosure).
3. Proponent. Proponency Office for Preventive Medicine, San Antonio, COL Robert R. Eng.
4. Details.
a. This policy supersedes OTSGIMEDCOM Policy Memo 03-007,13 Jan 04.
subject: Medical Management of Army Personnel Exposed to Depleted Uranium (DU) (reference 4, Annex 1).
b. This policy directs the implementation of the 9 Apr 04 Department of Defense
Health Affairs memorandum and the 30 May 03 Department of Defense Health Affairs Policy 03-012, for Operation Iraqi Freedom Depleted Uranium (DU) Medical  Managernent (references 1 and 2, respectively, Annex I ) , supports the 6 Feb 04 epartment of Defense Health Affairs Policy 04-004 for Biomonitoring Policy and  proved Bioassays for Depleted uranium and Lead (reference 3, Annex I), and
provides further policy, responsibilities, procedures, and guidance for the medical
management of patients exposed to DU.
c. All personnel with actual or potential exposures to DU will continue to be
identified, assigned a potential exposure level (I, 11, or Ill), assessed, and treated (if
needed). The identified personnel will then be monitored and tracked according to the responsibilities, procedures, and guidance provided in the enclosure.

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I have just as much right to contact the City Library and
Mayor in Manchester as you have to invite Rokke to speak.
 I always have viewed libraries as places where people
learn, not where they are propagandized.  Rokke
propagandizes .. he lies about his own career and he lies
about DU and its effects yet comes on as if he is the
"expert of experts".  He does not deserve any venue.  Glad
that I raised some hell.  Maybe they will even think about
letting the event go on.  


On Mon, 24 Apr 2006 12:34:47 -0400
 Anne Miller <anne at nhpeaceaction.org> wrote:
Thank you, Roger, for sending this information along - I
will talk a  look at it when I have a chance.  However, I
will say that I do not  appreciate your calling the venues
(I understand that you called the  librarian at the
Manchester City Library) where Doug Rokke is due to  speak
this evening - I am trying to sort this situation out and
do  not appreciate your overt meddling.  In my estimation,
this is not  how normal people with ethical standards
behave.  I did read your  email expressing your concerns
about Dr. Rokke to the crowd in  Rochester yesterday (in
front of Rokke himself).  I am doing my best  to weight
facts and get information to people - yours included.

Your calling the Manchester City Library was over the top -
the  librarian has no control of the situation and I don't
understand why  you would do such a thing.

Please don't contact me again.


On Apr 23, 2006, at 11:55 PM, Roger Helbig wrote:

> Here is a memo about Reserve First Lieutenant Rokke's
> when he reported to Saudi Arabia .. you can easily see
from this  
> that he did NOT lead anything after the Gulf War .. he
was very low  
> level and just there/
> Two other attachments (one from Daniel Fahey) that I
meant to  
> attach to previous reply.
> My basic advice to you is that adding DU to your
> Iraq occupation mix is adding a lot of lies to what
otherwise are  
> sound rationales .. did you see 60 Minutes tonight .. it
came down  
> real heavy on the Uranium from Niger ..it should trigger
all sorts  
> of things .. I hope one of them is a return of Democrats
to power  
> in House and Senate and an impeachment charge.  I am one
of those  
> who says / When Clinton lied, no one died.  Bob Cherry
even did not  
> support the invasion of Iraq, which is surprising since
he is a  
> retired Army Colonel, but also a highly educated one.
> <20060320 - Chap 11 pg 639.pdf>
> <2006-Test-Results.pdf>
> <COL Day Memorandum.pdf>

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