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Johansen, Kjell Kjell.Johansen at nmcco.com
Wed Aug 9 16:18:15 CDT 2006

I followed the links provided for the review of the ECRR - 2003
recommendations.  I stopped reading when the document referred to the
eminent Canadian scientist Dr. Rosalie Bertell.  Dr. Bertell was a
Canadian member of a working group sponsored by the Joint Commission on
the Great Lakes to produce two reports on radioactivity in the Great
Lakes. Although there was some good information in the reports, one of
the conclusions of this report was that nuclear power plants were
responsible for the Be-7 found in the Great Lakes enviornment. The Be-7
was linked to berylliosis.  When I talked to another Canadian member of
the working group, I was told that cosmogenically produced Be-7 has too
short a half-life to be deposited in the Great Lakes.  So much for the
scientific merit of those reports and those who were responsible for the

The above is my opinion and may not represent the opinions of my

Kjell Johansen
kjell.johansen at nmcco.com

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