[ RadSafe ] Safe Disposal of Mettler Toledo B5 or B6 Balances with Ra226 Ionizers

Dan.Yaconis at mt.com Dan.Yaconis at mt.com
Mon Aug 28 17:11:02 CDT 2006

I need to contract someone to pack up and either safely dispose of, or
ship to Switzerland for disposal, two Mettler Balances having ionizers
containing Ra226.  One balance is in Massachusetts and the second
balance is on Washington State.  Details on these balances and the type
of radioactive ionizer they contain is attached.  

I can be reached at 800-638-8537, when the phone answers dial 1, then
4821.  This will ring directly to my desk.  You can also contact me via
email at Dan.Yaconis at mt.com or send me a fax at 614-430-2508.  

Thank you for your time considering this request!
Dan Yaconis - Mettler Toledo Technical Support

 <<How to dispose of B5 radioactive.rtf>> 

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