[ RadSafe ] Re: References: Radiation induced immune responseDETERS spread of cancer

Syd H. Levine syd.levine at mindspring.com
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It is ad hominem argumentation on its face.  There is no answer to your 
question that would prove a thing.  For instance, how many folks would be 
able to relocate to a higher background area (job, family ties, family land, 
etc.)?  My guess is that proponents of radiation hormesis  do not worry too 
much about dental X-rays; is that the kind of answer that would convince you 
they mean what they say?  The bottom line is that it is dirty pool, and you 
know it.

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> Syd,
> How so?  If individuals make a claim of risk or
> benefits, one would ask if they follow their own
> advice.  According to Jim Muckerheide he challenged
> the committee that reported on the risks of radon in
> the home if the members themselves had radon testing
> done in their homes.
> Personally, I have not worried about my exposures to
> low doses of ionining radiaton. I fact, I turned in my
> doimeter several years ago as my exposures never
> exceeded 100 mrem in a year.  Actually, I think that
> the total was not even 100 mrem in five years.
> You may not like my position or comments, but how is
> the question inappropriate?  If you think radiation
> exposure is beneficial, what are you doing to improve
> your health?
> --- "Syd H. Levine" <syd.levine at mindspring.com> wrote:
>> > 2.  If radiation is so beneficial, what have Drs.
>> > Pollycove and Feinendigan done to enhance their
>> > radiation exposures?  Have they moved to areas
>> where
>> > there is more background radiation?
>> Employing such a classic logical fallacy should be
>> beneath you John.  I have
>> seen you do this several times, and it is revealing
>> as to the quality of
>> your argumentation.
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> From an article about physicians doing clinical studies:
> "It was just before an early morning meeting, and I was really trying to 
> get to the bagels, but I couldn't help overhearing a conversation between 
> one of my statistical colleagues and a surgeon.
> Statistician: "Oh, so you have already calculated the P value?"
> Surgeon: "Yes, I used multinomial logistic regression."
> Statistician: "Really? How did you come up with that?"
> Surgeon: "Well, I tried each analysis on the SPSS drop-down menus, and 
> that was the one that gave the smallest P value"."
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