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Mccormick, Luke I luke.mccormick at dhs.gov
Thu Jan 5 05:37:21 CST 2006

Complete and utter Drivel.

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Subject:    [ RadSafe ] Need opinions
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Date:       1/4/2006 3:38 PM

       OK on another list this was posted as an obvious attempt to
       sell something.

       I'm interested in your opinions as to the claims made etc.

       I appreciate the feedback.


       Since September 11, 2001, there has been increased awareness of
       possible disastrous disruptions that a chemical, biological, or
       nuclear  terrorist attack might cause. Although there have been
       various solutions  produced and tested for the remediation of
       and biological  contamination, no effective solution exists for
       nuclear contamination until  now. RDS products work quickly and
       efficiently to decontaminate radioactive  areas. RDS has worked
       local and state governments and developed a  "first responders'
       which includes RDS solutions for  decontamination.  FDA has
       us that our products appear to pose  no adverse effects for use
       human skin decontamination when used as  directed.
       RDS solves radiological decontamination problems through the
       use of
       our proprietary solutions. They remove radioactive
       contamination to
       acceptable levels within minutes. The solutions are water based
       are  radionuclide ion-specific. Because our solutions are
       they do  not spread contamination. They work by dislocating
       radioactive ions enabling  them to be easily removed. Our
       solutions "free' radioactive ions from a  surface into the
       Ions in suspension can be concentrated by being  bound to
       beads. The
       treatment solution, once processed with the "binding  beads" is
       longer radioactive. It can then be recycled or disposed of as
       waste. This process provides improved decontamination, lowered
       and major cost savings.

       END QUOTE

       The web site in question is: _www.raddecon.com_

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