[ RadSafe ] Health Physics related images - web group

Fred Dawson fd003f0606 at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Jan 7 06:41:05 CST 2006

I have set up a radiation protection group on the Flickr web site with the 
aim establishing a means of publicly storing and discussing images related 
to all aspects of radiation protection and health physics.

To date I have loaded a small number of photographs I have taken on topics 
such as radioactive waste, radium luminised dials, a visit to the DoE 
Hanford site in Washington State USA and to Forsmark and Oskarshamn in 

You can access the group on the Flickr web site at


If you wish to set up a Flickr account, it is free to register

Every body is welcome to contribute. I would be interested to hear from list 
members to find out, if they feel the group is useful. However I would 
remind everybody to respect the copyright that may be associated with images 
you may wish to post. You may also consult the Flikr FAQ, which provides 
some further information on copyright and other issues.

Fred Dawson
London, England

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