[ RadSafe ] Mitchell Davis

Syd H. Levine syd.levine at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 7 23:11:55 CST 2006

Franz, if Mr. Davis is banned from the list, then so should you be.  You are
an incredibly annoying poster.  And yes, but for the United States, you
would all be speaking German in that part of the world.  Is that hard for
you to admit?

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Subject: [ RadSafe ] Mitchell Davis


I usually take the messages of Mitchell Davis as something to laugh about.
But what is the opinion that lurkers and outsiders receive from his
messages?  That "experts" are divided, bla, bla, bla. Mitchell Davis has
always been good for a laugh when flaming me. He has only advertised his
"courses" on RADSAFE and the TENORM Site besides using an incredible
vocabulary in reply to messages originating from me, which he obviously did
not like. This has a long tradition. During the last days I have received
such a number of attempted insultations (such an inferior person cannot
insult me), which suggests that the person sending it might have been under
the influence of some drugs, might it be alcohol or another one. I have no
other explanation.

I do not care for the insultations directed to me, but I think that the wide
spread distribution of RADSAFE and the possible loss of credibility of the
list would justify the ban of this person from the list.

Franz Schoenhofer

PhD, MR iR

Habicherg. 31/7

A-1160 Vienna


phone (international) -43-699-1168-1319

phone (national) 0699-1168-1319

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