[ RadSafe ] Dreaming of a Gamma Dose/Exposure Rate Instrument

Rima, Steve SDRIMA at mactec.com
Fri Jan 13 11:32:28 CST 2006

I have volunteered to give a presentation at the 2006 HPS Annual Meeting
special session. The special session is tentatively entitled "Radiation
Measurement Instruments for HPs - Looking Back at the Past, and Looking
Ahead to the Future." I've agreed to present on the past, present and
future of gamma dose/exposure rate instruments. To that end, I ask for
your input. I'd like your ideas, thoughts, wishes and dreams on what you
would like to see on future gamma dose/exposure rate instruments. What
features would you like to see? What would make the instruments you use
even better? If you could design the perfect instrument, what would it
be like?


All thoughts and input are welcome. Who knows, perhaps your input will
influence the manufacturers to incorporate your input into their next
generation of instruments! Please send your thoughts to me at
sdrima at mactec.com.


Thanks in advance for your input, it will be most valuable.




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