[ RadSafe ] Cameron's refutation of "Alara Does Work" - Pre employment physicals

Robert J. Gunter rjgunter at chpconsultants.com
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Having been the recipient of many pre-employment physicals (civilian rad
worker and the Navy version of the same), it has not been my experience that
a doctor has any real say in what someone will be doing.  This is aside from
the obvious case where a potential worker cannot function in a work
environment or otherwise fails the physical.

The most common failure I have seen is failure to qualify to wear a

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Subject: [ RadSafe ] Cameron's refutation of  "Alara Does Work" 
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Ranier, your careful review of the Boice commentary on Matanoski's
presentation of the vast Nuclear Shipyard Study, confirms my belief that
healthy worker effect cannot explain the 3 years of life apparently added by
exposure of Gulf Coast workers to 0.5 rem extra.
  The only credible (although minor) healthy worker selection I have seen
proposed, was here on Radsafe. It was that a doctor giving employment exams
might unconsciously have directed persons of less vigorous health away from
imagined hazards of radiation exposure, to otherwise identical work. 
  Howard Long

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