[ RadSafe ] FW: [NukeNet] Navajo Nation's Ongoing Battle vs. Uranium Mining

Norm Cohen ncohen12 at comcast.net
Mon Mar 6 10:35:33 CST 2006


I agree with you that advocacy groups should be open about their funding. I
have no idea whether or not the big anti groups are 501C3's.


As far as UNPLUG Salem, we are officially a project of the Coalition for
Peace and Justice, which is not a 501c3.


We're very small potatoes; our funding comes from a grant from the
Environmental Endowment of NJ and from donations

by individual members and by sales of peace merchandise like buttons and




Coalition for Peace and Justice; UNPLUG Salem Campaign, 321 Barr Ave,
Linwood; NJ08221; 609-601-8583


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Hi Norm, out of curiosity, do any of these antinuclear activist groups claim
Federal Tax Code Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status? 


For any that do (including Salem Alert or whatever it's called), then their
sources of funding must be made known upon request.


A case can be made that no such activist group can be seriously regarded as
possibly being objective unless the financial backing is known and motives
behind the money determined....which is exactly the same expectations that
antinuclear groups have toward 'establishment' proponents of nuclear



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