[ RadSafe ] Fears promoted by anti-nuclear Greens

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Here is an example of how the LNT is used in a public statement by lawyers
    "While Exelon claims that there is no danger to residents from the
   spills, there is no safe threshold for radiation exposure without an
   increased risk of diseases like cancer," he said.

I have seen many other such examples used by many different people.
Sometimes such uses are accompanied by calculations that show that some
tiny increase in radiation exposure will certainly cause a specific number
of deaths.  Dr. Gofman has used the LNT to calculate the number of deaths
caused by exposure to normal background radiation.  There is a book called
"The Petkau Effect" that asserts that the LNT significantly understates the
death and illness caused by very low exposures.  The NRC has even posted a
brief discussion on its website about such misuse of the LNT.

Don Kosloff
Bedford, Ohio

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I cannot remember having seen any anti-nuclear, green, anti-radiation or
whatever movement referring to ICRP, to LNT, to BEIR, to mSv or whatsoever.
Have you, RADSAFErs ever seen anything in this context?

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