[ RadSafe ] A neutron spectrometry note

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Sat Mar 18 21:44:03 CST 2006


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      Hey all of you,

            Hope all is well where you are.

      Lately, I've noticed some researchers/workers in neutron spectrometry
      using the terms unfolding and deconvolution interchangably.  This is
      not a correct thing to do.

            Unfolding (and iterative unfolding) are described in the book
      Accelerator Health Physics by Patterson and Thomas.  It has been
      commonly used to analyze neutron spectrometry data.  There are
      recent improvements in this technique, I think.

            Deconvolution (and convolution) are described in the Mathematical
      Physics book by Matthews and Walker.  Deconvolution is regularly used in
      the fields of geophysics and seismology.  That's it.

             Alpha creep, huh?  Wow.  Creep is also used in seismology to
      describe rather slow movements of (earthquake) faults.

              Take care.        Regards,   Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, Ph.D.

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