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Jose Julio Rozental joseroze at netvision.net.il
Thu Mar 30 23:38:19 CST 2006

There is not an IAEA document on the Radiological Accident in Juarez,
December 1983 - The First IAEA series on Radiological Accident was the
Radiological Accident in Goiania, 1987.
I have studied carefully the officially Mexican document about  the
Radiological Accident in Juarez to consider reasons, similarities and
differences from the Goiania Accident.
I have a short ppt on the Juarez Accident that I use when invited to
lectures on radiological accidents, to compare with similar accident
(Example Istanbul) -(or even not similar)- with the purpose of discuss
lessons learned, especially those lessons that (even  many years after
the accidents) many  were not enough learned.

If you are interested in this short ppt (resume of the accident), please
send-me an e-mail I'll will send it to you.

Jose Julio Rozental
joseroze at netvision.net.il

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> I'm trying to locate a source or link to get copies of the following
> that I lost in a flood several years ago.
> IAEA Report on the Jaurez Mexico CO 60 incident
> NRC Report on the Shewell Cs-137 well loging source rupture and
> contamination
> NRC report on the I -193 implant loss from an Inidana Co PA Hospital and
> Employee exposure at the BFI Transfer Station in Carnegia PA
> Thanks
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