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Neil & Mike,

Here's one example:

PALIKIR, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia (March 10, 2000 - Island
Tribune)---The FSM National Public Auditor has completed a new audit
entitled "Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Financed by the Compact of Free
Association: Fiscal Years 1997 and 1998." The audit, which was released on
February 17, 2000, suggests that there has been little improvement in the
management of public project in recent years. The results are very similar
to those of earlier audits. National public project money continues to be
poorly utilized, at best.
The results of the audit indicate:

PPW Solar Lighting System: The project's stated purpose was to purchase and
install solar lighting in the municipal offices of Polle, Paata and Wonei
(PPW). The total funded amount of $15,000 was fully expended as of fiscal
year 1998.
RESULTS: Solar lighting was distributed to certain private residents of
Polle, Paata and Wonei and not to the municipal offices. Thus, only a few
residents benefited from the project. Each beneficiary was given a solar
lamp, with an 8"xl0" solar panel, battery and extension cord. We inspected
all 4 solar systems and found that they were out of order. Their owners
indicated they broke within 1 to 3 months after installation.

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You are talking about normal old photovoltaic cells, right? What degrades so
rapidly? Unprotected, or even protected, connections are sitting ducks for
salt and sun. But protecting and maintaining electrics in a marine
environment is to be expected. Do you mean something else that makes solar
panels extra vulnerable in sun and salt? Other than an easily removed salt
film if the spray is up, I am not sure what is degrading.


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Mike Brennan wrote:

Personally, I think that there are few places where solar power makes as
much sense as Hawaii.  Though you would want to take the panels down in
case of typhoon.

As it turns out, ocean environments are very tough on photoelectric solar
power, degrading the panels rapidly.
Maybe you were thinking solar thermal ?
But I would think that Hawaii has geothermal potential comparable to
Iceland, no ?


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