[ RadSafe ] FIDLER Scan MDC Values for Natural Uranium and Ra-226

Dan Hoffman deh11054 at charter.net
Wed Apr 18 11:11:21 CDT 2007

Hello Radsafers.  I am seeking information regarding the above subject.  I
am aware of the documentation in the December 2006 draft MARSAME document
for U-nat and Th-nat.  However, if anyone out there has worked up
calculations for their site-specific conditions that they would be willing
to share I would very interested in obtaining a copy of the documentation.
The particular site at which I am involved has a very low U-nat cleanup goal
of 17 pCi/g.  That is the primary rationale for use of the FIDLER vs the
more commonly used 2x2 NaI detectors.  The Ra-226 cleanup goal is the
'standard' 5 pCi/g criterion.


Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.




Dan Hoffman, CHP, CSP, CHMM

K2 Environmental 

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