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If you any newspaper or journal you will recognize that probably half of the
available space is full with commercial advertising. Sorry to say that even
National Geographic is no exception. Taking into account the inescapably
advertising on practically any website and additionally all the ridiculous
spam I would recommend that RADSAFE should be free of commercial
advertising. I would like to leave it as it was before: Private postings of
people who want to get rid of equipment they do not need any more and
especially where the equipment is given for free have never been objected.
This is true for people from universities looking for replacement of their
equipment, which broke down. 

What would the consequences be? I can think of two scenarios:

First, companies might gladly take the opportunity to place their
advertisments to a target group without charge. How about fees, taxes etc.?
There is a lot of open questions.

Secondly, the feedback might be negligible. Whenever I bought an instrument
- from Ge-detectors, MCA's, Liquid Scintillation Spectrometers, Dose Rate
Meters etc. etc. - I knew exactly which companies could offer what I needed.
I knew which company representatives existed in Austria and asked them for
information and quotations.

So please keep RADSAFE free from advertising - and offering a real bunch of
used instruments by a company on RADSAFE looks for me as being commercial
and should not be tolerated.

Best regards,


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
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Further to my earlier posting: You can always go to a commercial site for
any sort of equipment; I certainly have. I think that the occasional posting
of excess private equipment by an individual in the group does not fall into
the "commercial" arena.  Nor does an occasional posting from a university
for a few pieces of excess equipment.  But I don't like the idea of
"unrestricted commercial" posting.

Dan W. McCarn, Geologist
Albuquerque & Houston

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