[ RadSafe ] Lost check source

James Tracy james.tracy at nist.gov
Wed Dec 12 09:56:37 CST 2007

The following NRC link provides detail on exempt quantity sources 
owned by a specific licensee.


Jim Tracy

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>What Glenn says is generally true, because NRC and most other Agreement
>States exempt "persons" from licensing, not the specific 
>"items."  So, if  you are
>a "person" already specifically licensed, you cannot be a "person  exempt."
>California's regulations, however, exempt the items, not the  persons, so if
>the item was manufactured and distributed under an 
>NRC  E-distribution license
>(or an Agreement State E-license for certain NARM), then,  in California, the
>item is exempt from the regulations to the extent authorized  by the 
>(some exemptions have limitations), including disposal, because  California
>regulations define "possession" to include receipt, possession, 
>use,  transfer
>or disposal of radioactive material (see 17 CCR 30100(n).
>Barbara L. Hamrick
>In a message dated 12/11/2007 1:52:35 PM Pacific Standard Time,
>GRMarshall at philotechnics.com writes:
>If the  client has a license, then all radioactive material in his
>possession is  licensed material.  He can't just say "Oh, it's exempt -
>never  mind."  Refer to 10 CFR 20.2001.  It's not reportable under 10  CFR

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