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Philip Egidi pvegidi at smtpgate.dphe.state.co.us
Mon Dec 17 11:34:28 CST 2007

Ft. St. vrain was on line for some years, although it had a tough go of it due to meeting the tech specs.

The reactor has been decommissioned and FSV is now a gas-fired plant.  There is an on-site interim dry cask storage facility for the fuel.

Will have to dig to get you better information,
Phil Egidi

>>> "Bernard L. Cohen" <blc+ at pitt.edu> 12/17/07 9:08 AM >>>
A local anti-nuke is claiming that extra cancers are occurring around 
the Fort St. Vrain nuclear power plant. If I remember correctly, that 
plant never operated. Did it ever even go critical? Info about this 
would be helpful for responding to his claims.

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