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John Jacobus crispy_bird at
Sat Mar 3 21:51:30 CST 2007

The terrorists of Sept 11 were murderers, but they
were not sub-human.  They were educated, and were
human like us.  I do not know if they had souls, but
apparently you do.  

I certainly do not condone their actions, but as an
American, I can certainly question what you say, and
what our country/government does.  Flammatory retoric
may impress some people, but distracts from the real
issue of why they did what they did.  Maybe if we
understood their motivation, we could prevent future
acts of terrorism.

You certainly not the sole decider of what is posted
on this list server.  While you cannot accept the fact
that others may disagree with you, some of us do.

--- Sandy Perle <sandyfl at> wrote:

> John,
> Your comment regarding the 9/11 murders, questioning
> an American who believes that this type of a person,
> not a Nationality or condemnation of a group, but a
> statement of fact that any individual who can murder
> thousands of innocent individuals, is simply
> amazing. Your comment is akin to blaming society for
> this murderous act. Instead of making statements
> that imply acceptance of this despicable act, as
> well as every suicide attack, wherever it occurs,
> you should condem them, and accept the fact that
> anyone who can do this in the name of whatever God
> they think condones their mass murder, that they are
> sub-human, without a soul, period.
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> Well, I guess that proves what they think about
> Americans.  Arrogant, self-centered, etc.  
> --- Sandy Perle <sandyfl at> wrote:
> > John,
> > 
> > Re-read my comment ... I said that the 9/11 were
> > sub-human. They still are in my opinion..
> > 
> > Sandy
> > 
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“We must face the fact that the United States is neither omnipotent or omniscient — that we are only 6 percent of the world’s population; that we cannot impose our will upon the other 94 percent of mankind; that we cannot right every wrong or reverse each adversity; and therefore there cannot be an American solution to every world problem.”
-- John F. Kennedy 

-- John
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