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Thanks!  In my view, this is an extreme case.  I didn't expect to have to endure political insults and needling on RADSAF.  I consider us a family of professionals, and I don't like seeing my colleagues insulted and instigated into unnecessary conflict.  List-owner please help.


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If you have any problems with Freanz's posting I suggest you correspond with him, or use the delete key.  Only the List-owner can refuse to let individuals post on this list server.

We have been down this road before, and will probably come up again.  Censorship is only imposed in extreme cases.  I hope even Sandy would agree.

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> Franz,
> I request once again that you "knock it off".  You are in my opinion 
> the only person on this list serve that makes inappropriate postings 
> and creates problems.  You seem to thrive on and enjoy conflict, and 
> you use subtle and obvious techniques to
> generate it.    Seems you are constantly looking for
> opportunities to make postings with obvious or subtle anti-US 
> sentiments.  I can assure you there are other quiet RADSAF members 
> besides me that recognize your strategies and motives and don't 
> appreciate it.  I would recommend that you eliminate your kind sign 
> offs with any reference to "kind regards" or "respect" as I, and 
> venture to say others, see them as completely disingenuous.  "Be nice" 
> or please take your conflict elsewhere.  And please leave Sandy and 
> everyone else alone and don't instigate them into your arena of 
> conflict and negativity.  I am actually surprised that the moderator 
> allows you to continue posting.
> Mike Borisky
> Army Research Lab
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> Subject: [ RadSafe ] X-Rays Scan Bodies, Mr. Perles Nazi speak
> Since I got tired of the subject I have not reacted to any message on 
> that subject since a long time, but what I yesterday read in the 
> discussion between John and Mr. Perle motivated me to plan to react 
> tomorrow, because what is distributed by Mr. Perle is just 
> hairraising. But his two last messages are so unacceptable that I 
> write this comment now. All attempts to intimitate me and ridicule me 
> are in vain, because such a character like Mr.
> Perle cannot insult me. John, you know that I always have esteemed 
> your contributions I understand (I do not understand questions of 
> epidemiology and similar ones). Now I have to congratulate you, 
> because until now you are obviously the only US-citizen on RADSAFE to 
> speak out clearly against this paranoid "safety thinking", which seems 
> to be only used to intimitade people, subject them to humiliation 
> (been shown naked on screens) and to undermine the human rights and of 
> course to raise the profit of quite a few companies claiming that they 
> manufacture instruments and devices for "safety". I know more than 
> well, that these are not only my thoughts, but these are the thoughts 
> of many million US-citizens and influential groups.
> Practically all of my US-friends and collegues are among them.
> So much now, but the main reason that I have not waited until 
> tomorrow, is, that Mr. Perle used the expression "sub-human" before 
> and even insisted on these words in his latest contribution. This is 
> clearly Nazi-Speak - in German "Untermenschen", a label given by 
> Nazi-Germany to non-arian people like all Slavs, including Russians, 
> Ukrainians, Poles, Czech, Slovenians, Serbs, Montenegrinians etc. 
> etc., the Romas (gypsies), Arabs and especially Jews. (It is 
> intersting that the Romas are genuine Arians.) I do not expect that 
> Mr. Perle has ever been to Auschwitz or Majdanek or any of the other 
> Nazi-extinction camps, where "sub-humans" were killed daily by the 
> thousands or rather tens of thousands like insects by using hydrogen 
> cyanide. I have been there and therefore I am more than allergic for 
> such words.
> Now I ask whether RADSAFE is the right place to use Nazi-speak. 
> Another US citizen has been banned many years ago from the list, 
> because he was calling an international organisation for "Gestapo". It 
> seems that this expression throws a light on Mr. Perles character. 
> More light I'll shed on him and his queer opinions tomorrow (like "he" 
> wants to be safe on flights and therefore everybody else has to 
> undergo humiliating procedures, not raising at all safety and 
> security).
> It is half past midnight and again I will go to sleep. The most recent 
> attempt to insult me by Mr.
> Perle on 15 Feb. is ridiculous: I will not take an aspirin, because I 
> take it everyday in the morning according to my doctors advice. I do 
> not take something called "Luvox". I do not even know what it is, but 
> this only confirms that Mr. Perle is of the opinion that everybody in 
> this world should know US-brandnames and in a broader view succumb to 
> any US interest and request. Since I might concede that Mr. Perle 
> might be aware, that an Austrian does not know "Luvox" I take the 
> alternative conclusion that he was writing this for the US-market of 
> his company.
> Again, John, my deepest respect. Mr. Perle, please never adress me 
> personally again.
> Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
> MinRat i.R.
> Habicherg. 31/7
> A-1160 Wien/Vienna
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> Just Bags
> John,
> Re-read my comment ... I said that the 9/11 were sub-human. They still 
> are in my opinion..
> Sandy
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> Just Bags
> Wasn't the hijackings on Sept. 11 first thought to be like kidnapping 
> the plane to fly to another country?
> Again, you are framing the issue as if our current round of terrorist 
> is unique.  It is not.  Our solution has certainly not changed the 
> risks we face.
> We are just trying to build higher fences.
> I would add that your comment that the 19 hijackers of Sept 11 were 
> not subhuman.  Maybe that is the problem with Americans looking at the 
> problems in the Middle East and other areas.  They many not have 
> shared your beliefs, but your comments do remind me of the U.S.'s view 
> of the Japanese during WWII.
> They were subhuman also.  Times change.
> --- Sandy Perle <sandyfl at cox.net> wrote:
> > John,
> > 
> > One can't compare terrorism to the 60s where a
> person simply got on a
> > plane with a gun where there was no security check
> performed. It
> > wasn't until much later that metal detectors were
> implemented and
> > x-ray checking of carry-on.
> > Heck, wasn't that long ago that that checked bags
> were X-rayed. The
> > terrorist of the 60s didn't want to kill
> themselves .. and that reason
> > was also blown up on 9/11 where 19 sub-humans
> preferred to die along
> > with the thousands of innocents that they
> murdered. You can't compare
> > apples and oranges.
> > 
> > Sandy
> > 
> >

"We must face the fact that the United States is neither omnipotent or omniscient - that we are only 6 percent of the world's population; that we cannot impose our will upon the other 94 percent of mankind; that we cannot right every wrong or reverse each adversity; and therefore there cannot be an American solution to every world problem."
-- John F. Kennedy 

-- John
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